Correction #1 (part 2)

Stop generalizing so much.

If we cannot speak about things in the truth about them, in all it’s oppressive detail, why do we think we have something to contribute? Food “A” is “delicious.” What does that even mean? It is just a word created to apply a convenient, albeit meaningless descriptive tag to something that is more abundantly described as “floral and oaky”, like a wine.

It may seem like small potatoes to talk in such a convenient way, but what does this do to our mental state? It teaches us to apply generalizations to all things we see. Then we begin to think that way. We make laws that way. We think “fairness” is making the most people happy, but it isn’t happiness per say. Instead it’s satisfaction that they are not being cheated. This is not happiness. One can be cheated and still be happy. If one, however, is to be guaranteed simply not to feel cheated, this can be accomplished by the cheating of everyone so that no one stands out and everyone feels equal in how they were treated. This is why fairness mustn’t be vague. Vagueness obscures the real issue, which is happiness.


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