Correction #1

Get rid of all vagueness. Speak with accuracy and detail.

Leaders make decisions on what is “best” for everybody. It is vagueness that allows them the room to decide these things. Person A does “____” wrong. Now, person B through Z is not allowed to do “____.” It’s only fair to everybody to rule everyone the same. So, instead of just banning A from “____”, they account for every future action of B through Z by applying A’s punishment to them all. This way, they ensure eliminating the wrong use of “____.” This is where leaders get their precedents for applying a rule over a general population.

We ought to punish only the offender. Otherwise, we violate the principle, “Innocent until proven guilty.”

Application for business: Just because “A” grows a crazy goatee at work, it doesn’t mean “B” can’t grow a respectable goatee. However, since “C” complained about it, “D” outlawed it for everybody.

Application for Washington: Just because “A” cheated someone in some business, it doesn’t mean entrepreneur “B” can’t treat people fairly. However, since “C” complained, “D” outlawed that business.

We can’t be forever applying punishments to those who abide in the right, just to account for would-be violators. Fairness is a word with a definition. It mustn’t be a victim of vagueness or ideology.


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