Correction #2

top getting your facts from TV news.

Don’t they seem so together on news channels? So mild in their manner. So reasonable in their analytical offerings.

Ah! The news. How can there be so many white haired forty-year-old men on CNN? I don’t trust them anymore because they have white hair (dyed?). I’m annoyed that they would think so little of me as to assume that I somehow relate to white haired men better. Why? I assume it has to do with the wisdom that comes with age. In reality, I don’t think that they are wiser with that hair. I am not deceived by their look. I would actually trust them more if they didn’t intentionally employ men with white hair. Isn’t that sort of against the feminist movement anyway? Old overbearing men. Patriarchal wisdom. Why don’t they get some women on there? At least then we would have someone attractive to look at while they lie to us. Fox News has that down. Just sayin’.

With increased information comes decreased value.

How can we know what is right when there is so much info to filter through? You listen to your news, I’ll listen to mine. We’ll compare notes and vote differently. As if the news can really tell you your values.

What if people distrusted news from early on? Say, back in the days of Walter Cronkite people could have, should have listened only to their values.

Why did we let the Supreme Court do this or that? Or, let laws be made that denied in their very creation process, before they were even passed, that our lawmakers were subject to us? The answer lies in that reasonable, mild-manneredness that prefers to read about knitted crafts and cutesy hobbies, and looks down on impassioned statements and philosophy heavy diatribes as unsophisticated and immature.

I simply believe we should, in our intellectual arsenal, have one-for-one what lawmakers have. They have philosophy, so ought we. They have our money, so ought we. They have weapons, so ought we. They have power, so ought we. Why? Because “we” elected them, and they are no better or no worse than us.




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