Correction #3

Don’t vote for a president.

Vote for me. I’m running for president…never. So, if you vote for me, you’ll get nobody instead; and, that is exactly what ought to happen.

We do not, and never, needed a president. We have Congress. They represent us. They make laws for us. They are accountable to us. The president, does, or should do, none of these things.

Three things are likely to happen, if we discontinued the American presidency.

1) We would no longer have one man standing behind a pulpit, as a symbol of one specific set of ideologies, dividing our country. We would only elect people from our home state that some of us actually know personally, to represent us. We would never again vote for just one man for the whole country that, by proportion, few of us know anything about.

2) Congress would begin to receive the spotlight of the media, making them more accountable; it would be harder for them to vote themselves a pay raise, for instance, without suffering the political consequences (i.e. getting voted out of office).

3. Possibly the most important, this action would secure the power of law making in Congress’ lone hands. Those pesky executive orders that potentially make our president a king (remember what the American Revolution was all about?), would go away. The Supreme Court, as well, could no longer be stacked with appointees from one person (the president), from one party, unless the American people saw fit to elect a large enough majority in the Senate so that one party could have the appointee they wanted.

A pipe dream though this may be, it is a good one. It would once again bring us the separation of powers for which we originally fought. So, that only those who truly represent us would be allowed to make laws for us. No executive orders. Maybe even one day, no judicial activism (a subject for personal research, not something I wish to expound on here).

I look forward to the day when the American people are paying enough attention to make this happen.


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